Dry relationships

Have you ever been in a relationship where things have gotten stale, conversation is dry..... So you wanted to spice things up , you slip on some lingerie, and cook breakfast in your pumps, or for the fellas you may have brought her flowers, ran her bath water with oils and rose petals. No matter the tactic you are ultimately trying to get that flame lit, that spark back in your relationship. Attempting to get your significant other's attention, so that intimacy is back.

Well, spiritually God has been trying to get my attention, instead of rose petals, or pumps, he has been blessing me with the desires of my heart......i am beyond grateful for my truck, and new business ventures, but I know God is saying "Come and get me", and by answering my prayers he is letting me know that if I diligently seek him there is more. Nevertheless, I know I can't be the only who’s attention Gods been to get lately, I dare you to chase after him. Its time to get that flame lit in our spiritual relationship with him. #beencouraged