The CrEATivity House

My name is Chantel Jackson and I am an Giantslayer. In the entrepreneur world a  Giant is something that stands before us , something that is so great and powerful and seem as though they cannot be defeated,  whether it be capital, support, fear and resources, but I am here to tell you that with faith and determination we can slay any giant.

In Tacoma, the beloved city of destiny, one of those giants is having a commissary kitchen that can hold and support small food businesses. The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds for a commissary kitchen, that serves as an incubator to small food businesses. It will be the pillar of the community, where people of all race, gender, religion can learn to run a food truck, package foods, host cooking classes, tastings , pop- up events and much more. 

As you can imagine, building a commercial kitchen is an expensive project, and we need your help to acquire the much needed equipment. This includes: convection ovens, gas cooking ranges, stainless steel work tables, food-grade shelving, baker's speed racks, sinks, sanitizing dishwasher, lights, sheet pans, and much, much more.

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