The dreaded health department


The dreaded health department. In the food service industry it is vital that your food establishment is up to code, especially when it comes to the safety of consumers. Ill never forget when Cora Stoneham had told me how she had gotten a perfect inspection at her cafe, while everyone else in the building was crying 'the health department is here"..."get everything in order, make sure this is taken care of...and this...and this". But effortlessly, Cora and her staff was not moved because they were ready. While other places got dinged for various violations, they asked her how did she do it. She simply replied because we do the same thing everyday, we practice food safety, because it is a habit we dont have to worry or be nervous about the inspection because we are always ready no matter when they come.

Can I tell you that spiritually it is the same way? If we practice daily loving one another, showing fruits of the spirit, being sensitive and listening to God, we wont have to be worried when he comes. Life is too short and no one knows the hour when he will come, so will you be ready? Dont wait til the last minute to get rigth with God, be ready now, stop wasting time. I am learning the hard way what happens when you separate from God, and not live for him. But as long as you have breath in your body it not too late to come back to him.


Put on a happy faCe


How the Joker created a platform for Mental Health Awareness

by chef Chantel Jackson

I had to explain to one of my closest friends that she could not bring her kids to this film. Her like many others are expecting a crime fighting, cape crusading film to inspire her boys. A film, that would cause the sales of DC costumes to skyrocket in Halloween stores across the nation. I can picture it now, her kids one wearing a Batman ensemble complete with built in Abs and the other wearing Joker, bringing a beautifully choreographed rendition of a scene from joker to life.

But as I imagined I was right, this was not a film FOR kids, but a film on HOW kids childhood trauma can effect and shape their destiny. How one can let the darkness lead them on a path of destruction or On a path of justice.

I won’t go in to too much detail but the film listed all the ingredients to create the perfect Serial killer. A dash of bullying, a sprinkle of being overlooked, a heaping cup of child abuse and trauma, a level scoop of childhood abandonment; cover and smother with a crazy, single, brainwashing mother and bake in the oven for over 40 years.

Nevertheless, I mean we as humans are sick and demented, ALL OF US. There is no such thing as normal, no one can truly define normal, I mean seriously what is normal. The fact that I myself go through spiritual and mental warfare daily, I am shocked i have survived this long.

“All it takes is one bad day,” the Joker says in the comic, suggesting that we’re all just one traumatic event away from madness. “

Seriously, I finally understand the Brittany Spears melt down. And yet I share how I feel with no one and hide behind laughter and a smile.

Sound familiar.

So you wanna date a chef


Actually Me. I’m that Chef. I am writing this piece as an instruction manual for the next guy who tries to sweep me off my clogs. But no matter who or what my future partner may be… remember to read all instructions and handle with care,

  1. You will have the BEST BREAKFAST

    I am an early riser, I start my day off full of energy, say a prayer, have some alone time and then I’m cooking breakfast. No, not a continental, or a cereal bar, like how do you like your eggs boo? I got you. I’m talking Eggs Benedict, Ham Steak, Home made biscuits….Shrimp and Grits….Chorizo and Homefried skillet, with an over easy egg.

    Or how bout some French toast with a golden crisp coating and fluffy center….

    Lunch: if not made a head of time, because I’m usually out and about I have no problem with bringing you lunch or joining you…… but Dinner…,

    don’t👏🏽Ask. By time 5pm rolls around I’m already getting sleepy, all the energy I had in the morning, was drained by clients, food prep, an event, employees and God knows what else. So instead of a 3 star Michelin worthy dinner, be prepared for a meal I learned in prison.

  2. Im not needy

    I mean who wouldn’t want a girl that isn’t all up in their space all the time. I barely have time for myself, I don’t know how to relax, my brain is always full throttle on menus, equipment, catering…….so don’t ever worry about me blowing up your phone,

    You will be alone most of the time which is why it’s important to have your own life, having your own identity in any relationship is essential, but it’s detrimental If you are in a relationship with someone you will hardly ever see.

  3. I’m a hustler baby….. I just want you to know

    I don’t sleep. If I do it’s not for long, you see I am always getting ideas on how to create Another source of income, how to make food taste better, what’s the next pop up event, I mean my brain activity never goes off. I get the bag. No doubt about it, What I’ve gathered from previous experiences is that most men don’t want me to be a gold-digger, but they sure as hell cant handle me want me to be more successful than them. Based on that, is im exhausted and I’d rather be alone. 

  4. Handle me? Who gon’ Handle me?

    Forgive me in advance. I can be a real Alpha female, who quite frankly my dear doesn’t really give a….well….let’s just say I need to work on my empathy. After all these years of being the only female On the hot line and not in the bakery, I’ve had to fight my way to be respected, proving that I am not only one of the guys but better. Therefore ignore my slight cockiness it comes with the territory.

    But look at the bright side, I have endured a lot of pressure over the years, especially being in the industry so there is nothing we can’t overcome, the kitchen has given me tough skin, so if there are times that you ever feel weak or vulnerable, with Gods guidance I will be your strength.

  5. I smell funny

    wait, hear me out. Like anyone in the food service, I wear my work on me. So believe me when I tell you a that you will get daily wiff of garlic, onion, sweat, bone broth and tomatoes. Get used to more after-work showers instead of morning showers. While most females smell of bath and body works and Victoria’s pink spray, I attract all the neighbor hood dogs, because I smell like 100lbs of freshly cooked bacon, but I mean who doesn’t love the smell of bacon.

  6. We are great with our hands

    Our passion for food defiantly translates well into other areas..,the fact that chefs tend to be more considerate, compassionate, creative and confident, qualities that are usually shared between a good performance in the bedroom and in the kitchen. Chefs are creative spirits, who works well with their hands, pays attention to details, we know when to be gentle enough to handle filo dough, yet can switch it up when it’s time to knead bread, if I can cater to strangers everyday in the spirit of excellence, what more would I do for my husband.

    And yes I said husband.

    I promised God that the next run will be with my husband, because I will no longer waste, my time and energy on someone who just sees the “glamour of being with a chef” and jumps ship because he can’t handle being alone, can’t match my hustle, intimidated by my strength, and insecure because I get home at 4 am and doesn’t believe me when I tell him a 20 top came in right before close,

    Boy bye.

Rich boy po’ boy

By Chef Chantel Jackson

Two words. I wasn’t ready.

Look I know that’s three words, so don’t come for me. Clearly I can’t count, but what you can count on is the fact that Estou Duce has the best Po’boy this side of the Mississippi.

I wasn’t ready, no seriously I walk into Soulfood Dishes Located off 18th & Yessler, in the Central District of Seattle, there’s a line out the door…. which is expected. It’s the grand opening of an on going Pop-Up, great marketing on Social Media, so everybody and their momma was there. Literally. For every one person in line, there were 3 aunt Lucile’s, Myrtles, or whatever Baptist church mother name you come up with.

When I finally made it to the counter I was greeted with a warm smile by the cashier, and I placed my order of two combos, one Catfish and one Shrimp Po'boy.

When my name was called to receive my order, I was greeted with a smile “Sup Teach”. I failed to mention earlier he was one of my students from my How to Start a Food Truck program at Highline Community College. We took pictures, I dropped some seeds of encouragement, because I was truly so proud of him, grabbed my plates and I was on my way back to Tacoma.

I didn’t even make it past 23rd without digging into the seasoned fries and popped a piece of shrimp from the sandwich in my mouth. It came on New Orleans Leidenheimer French Bread, with large crispy fried shrimp, lettuce, a creole remoulade sauce and pickles. I am so over restaurants that serve gritty over cooked shrimp cooked in cornmeal, this perfectly assembled sandwichhich was refreshing. Especially the bread! French bread that was crisp on the outside and yet so soft and fluffy on the inside.

I also want to make a special shout out to the Seasoned Fries, they were the perfect thickness and cut, I found myself dipping them in the extra “secret sauce” that was dripping from the sandwich.

I have to say this truly was a delicious sandwich. So, if you’re in the mood for a good culinary experience give it a try. I have a feeling you’ll like it more than you think.

To find out where he will be next follow him on Facebook @calistescreolecuisine.

What makes a good nacho?

Surf n Turf Nachos by Chef Chantel Jackson    Photo Cred: Chef Jackson

Surf n Turf Nachos by Chef Chantel Jackson

Photo Cred: Chef Jackson

For those who know me, know that my favorite food is Nachos.....and tacos. But given the circumstances, there is not a place in town who makes good nachos. You can suggest Matador, it. Overpriced chips, good guac, but just because you put in the oven doesn’t automatically make it nachos, just like putting something in a garage doesn’t automatically it a car.....

To have a perfect nacho it must have the following

1. Chips

2. layers


3. BOTH liquid and shredded cheese

Sir Antoine Hayden III of the Eastside, arguably has probably the best nachos in town. Not only did it meet all my minimum requirements, there were some bonus features.

Antoine Hayden’s Nachos    First review of our “Home Plate ” series, recognizing chefs that may not have a restaurant, but are just as good….sometimes better than those who do have establishments

Antoine Hayden’s Nachos

First review of our “Home Plate ” series, recognizing chefs that may not have a restaurant, but are just as good….sometimes better than those who do have establishments

Chips all though often overlooked, had a purpose, a destiny of carrying the weight of the layers that were above it, the spicy Doritos were the foundation of the mountain of glory that was yet to be explored. Each layer had a perfect amount of cheese to protein ratio, and contained both liquid and shredded cheese, the heat from the oven was able to evenly distribute the liquid gold. Praise cheesus.

The seasoning of the ground beef was not overpowering or gritty, and not ALL CHILI POWDER.

I apologize but these pictures do not do it justice, but I was very satisfied to the point I wanted to lick the plate, but instead I waited around for 2nds as if I were waiting for the extra credits after a marvel film.

Nevertheless, stop sleeping on these home cooks.

If he does nothing else right in life, I know he will enter the pearly gates by giving the lord a plate of this as an offering, and the lord will simply say

“Well done my faithful servant, with whom I am well cheesed”

-Chef Chantel Jackson

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