So you wanna date a chef


Actually Me. I’m that Chef. I am writing this piece as an instruction manual for the next guy who tries to sweep me off my clogs. But no matter who or what my future partner may be… remember to read all instructions and handle with care,

  1. You will have the BEST BREAKFAST

    I am an early riser, I start my day off full of energy, say a prayer, have some alone time and then I’m cooking breakfast. No, not a continental, or a cereal bar, like how do you like your eggs boo? I got you. I’m talking Eggs Benedict, Ham Steak, Home made biscuits….Shrimp and Grits….Chorizo and Homefried skillet, with an over easy egg.

    Or how bout some French toast with a golden crisp coating and fluffy center….

    Lunch: if not made a head of time, because I’m usually out and about I have no problem with bringing you lunch or joining you…… but Dinner…,

    don’t👏🏽Ask. By time 5pm rolls around I’m already getting sleepy, all the energy I had in the morning, was drained by clients, food prep, an event, employees and God knows what else. So instead of a 3 star Michelin worthy dinner, be prepared for a meal I learned in prison.

  2. Im not needy

    I mean who wouldn’t want a girl that isn’t all up in their space all the time. I barely have time for myself, I don’t know how to relax, my brain is always full throttle on menus, equipment, catering…….so don’t ever worry about me blowing up your phone,

    You will be alone most of the time which is why it’s important to have your own life, having your own identity in any relationship is essential, but it’s detrimental If you are in a relationship with someone you will hardly ever see.

  3. I’m a hustler baby….. I just want you to know

    I don’t sleep. If I do it’s not for long, you see I am always getting ideas on how to create Another source of income, how to make food taste better, what’s the next pop up event, I mean my brain activity never goes off. I get the bag. No doubt about it, What I’ve gathered from previous experiences is that most men don’t want me to be a gold-digger, but they sure as hell cant handle me want me to be more successful than them. Based on that, is im exhausted and I’d rather be alone. 

  4. Handle me? Who gon’ Handle me?

    Forgive me in advance. I can be a real Alpha female, who quite frankly my dear doesn’t really give a….well….let’s just say I need to work on my empathy. After all these years of being the only female On the hot line and not in the bakery, I’ve had to fight my way to be respected, proving that I am not only one of the guys but better. Therefore ignore my slight cockiness it comes with the territory.

    But look at the bright side, I have endured a lot of pressure over the years, especially being in the industry so there is nothing we can’t overcome, the kitchen has given me tough skin, so if there are times that you ever feel weak or vulnerable, with Gods guidance I will be your strength.

  5. I smell funny

    wait, hear me out. Like anyone in the food service, I wear my work on me. So believe me when I tell you a that you will get daily wiff of garlic, onion, sweat, bone broth and tomatoes. Get used to more after-work showers instead of morning showers. While most females smell of bath and body works and Victoria’s pink spray, I attract all the neighbor hood dogs, because I smell like 100lbs of freshly cooked bacon, but I mean who doesn’t love the smell of bacon.

  6. We are great with our hands

    Our passion for food defiantly translates well into other areas..,the fact that chefs tend to be more considerate, compassionate, creative and confident, qualities that are usually shared between a good performance in the bedroom and in the kitchen. Chefs are creative spirits, who works well with their hands, pays attention to details, we know when to be gentle enough to handle filo dough, yet can switch it up when it’s time to knead bread, if I can cater to strangers everyday in the spirit of excellence, what more would I do for my husband.

    And yes I said husband.

    I promised God that the next run will be with my husband, because I will no longer waste, my time and energy on someone who just sees the “glamour of being with a chef” and jumps ship because he can’t handle being alone, can’t match my hustle, intimidated by my strength, and insecure because I get home at 4 am and doesn’t believe me when I tell him a 20 top came in right before close,

    Boy bye.