The dreaded health department


The dreaded health department. In the food service industry it is vital that your food establishment is up to code, especially when it comes to the safety of consumers. Ill never forget when Cora Stoneham had told me how she had gotten a perfect inspection at her cafe, while everyone else in the building was crying 'the health department is here"..."get everything in order, make sure this is taken care of...and this...and this". But effortlessly, Cora and her staff was not moved because they were ready. While other places got dinged for various violations, they asked her how did she do it. She simply replied because we do the same thing everyday, we practice food safety, because it is a habit we dont have to worry or be nervous about the inspection because we are always ready no matter when they come.

Can I tell you that spiritually it is the same way? If we practice daily loving one another, showing fruits of the spirit, being sensitive and listening to God, we wont have to be worried when he comes. Life is too short and no one knows the hour when he will come, so will you be ready? Dont wait til the last minute to get rigth with God, be ready now, stop wasting time. I am learning the hard way what happens when you separate from God, and not live for him. But as long as you have breath in your body it not too late to come back to him.